The UK’s first quarterly, customisable functional fitness subscription box.

The highest quality functional fitness apparel, equipment, nutrition, recovery and wellness products – including at least 6 items in each box with a value of £100+ – delivered straight to your door every 3 months.

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

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We strongly believe that a balanced lifestyle is the key to unlocking our full potential. Each of our boxes will cover what we believe to be the four aspects of a balanced lifestyle:

Training | Nutrition | Recovery | Wellness

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Every 3 months, we'll pack your box full of awesome functional fitness gear and deliver it direct to your door.
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Elite Box is the UK’s first quarterly functional fitness subscription box covering what we believe to be the four aspects of a balanced lifestyle: training, nutrition, recovery and wellness – delivering the box that you need to advance your fitness straight to your door every 3 months.

Find out what's in the Autumn Elite Box further down the page.
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Our team researches, tests and approves the very best products on the market – from your everyday functional fitness essentials to new, exciting innovations.

We curate boxes for the season ahead – filled with premium, well-selected, useful and creative products at incredible value for money.
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Customer testimonials

Love the idea of this box, absolutely blown away with quality of the products received! Look forward to the next one – it’s like a mini Christmas every 3 months!!!! 😜

Louise Douglass

Absolutely love the personal touches that you put into all of the boxes I’ve received so far – you’re building a great brand.

Steve Hallam

The protein shake you included in the Summer Box is amazing! I’m obsessed, I now use it in my oatmeal as well, cannot get enough – 10/10. Ordered 2 tubs since this box.

Kerry Murphy

First of all I love the idea of Elite Box. Each box has been great and I love that you can pick what you want. Social media has been great too. I had a problem with my ropes last time (was totally my fault too 🤦‍♂‍) and you immediately sent out a new one, so customer service is great. I have recommended it to everyone, my mate is definitely getting the next box. Keep up the good work

Zakk Wild

I have been more than impressed with the content of my Spring Box and can’t wait for the next. I was impressed with the quality of products and it has opened my eyes to some alternatives to my current supplements and accessories. Keep up the great work you are doing and roll-on Summer for my next box.

Grant Maxwell

I love the variety that comes with each Elite Box and the fact you have a say in what you receive is excellent. I like the various different options and I can’t wait to receive my next box.

Tim Courridge

So my first box what did I think? The vest is great! Not a colour I would normally choose but I have worn it quite a few times and the quality is great. The callus shaver is great. Totally got my hands in much better condition. The access to the on-line training videos is a great idea and the communication from you has been really great and that makes the service even better. I’m looking forward to my second box and would be happy to give further feedback after that 😀

Elaine MacBean

I really enjoyed the box again this time – Elite Box takes the subscription model and flips it on its head. Being able to choose the mix of items, means that you end up with the items that are useful for your training needs. Elite Box gives you the opportunity to research the items and choose the ones you want to receive. It gives you items you are going to use rather than have lots of useless items. Its unbelievably great value for money for a quarterly box. Once again, I honestly can’t think of any negatives.

Richard Taylor

I loved the box – a great early Christmas present to myself! Honestly, to begin with I thought it was quite an expensive product, but obviously that is balanced against “you get what you pay for” and I did really like the quality of the items, particularly the hoodie which is so comfortable! Bringing this back to the last box, I thought it was a good initial range of goods that has whetted my appetite for another box. I think there was a good mix of consumable stuff and more permanent items, and really like the hand repair stuff. Plus I am a huge fan of Cannonball coffee! Looking ahead, I’ve made my selections for the next box and am super excited to receive it! I really like the idea of being able to customise which products you get, reducing the likelihood of receiving a load of tat that I won’t use, and I think it also helps justify the cost of the box when you see all the individual elements.

James Onstenk

There are no negatives! Great delivery time, well presented, awesome bits inside – loved the coffee especially and all the added value info that came with it. The top was amazing, so amazing I had to buy an extra one for my wife. I can't wait to see the next box! I think the way that you have given a choice of things is awesome. I really enjoyed picking the bits I like.

Sean Conway

I really enjoyed the box, I have been looking for a good fitness box, and feel that this has great potential. I feel it had a good mix of items, with a number of useful products. It’s a great price point for a quarterly box, and cracking value for money, and delivery was super-fast. Highlights from the first box are definitely the Born Primitive Hoodie & RockTape Rockballs. I honestly can’t think of any negatives.

Richard Taylor

When I received my first Elite box, I was filled with anticipation on how all the goods will fare. Once opened, I immediately took all the items out to see what I had received, and was very happy. The stand out item for me was the hoodie, which has now become one of my favourite clothing items I wear, it is so soft and comfy. The coffee bags are great, I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but these are great for my 6am CrossFit sessions as I can pop the coffee bag in a tumbler and let it brew whilst I set off to the gym. All items were great and I cannot fault any of them – I am already looking forward to my next box.

Biren Patel

I was pleased with my first box. The hoodie was of good quality and there was a nice variety of items in the box.

David Holt

Completely in love with the box, I use everything in there!

Mia De Buc

I thought the first box was excellent. A variety of goods which I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I wear the Born Primitive hoodie and Elite Box hat regularly as love the quality of both. It’s great value too! I look forward to receiving my next box.

Tim Courridge




Shipping from 1 September 2021 - the Autumn Elite Box is packed full of next level kit with a cheeky tech twist!

Find out what's in the box and what to expect in your Members Area this Autumn here...
What's In The Box


If you'd like to try Elite Box before subscribing, why not buy a one-off box?

We know the Elite Box is epic, but we totally understand that a subscription can be a big commitment - that's why we've set up our gift boxes - so you can buy the box and try it before you subscribe. Just click on the link below and buy this season's box now!

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In addition to filling your boxes with the best quality products of the season, by subscribing to Elite Box you will also gain access to our exclusive members area packed full of expert guidance from our in-house Fitness Coach, Nutritionist, Mobility, Pilates and Yoga Instructor.

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