The 5 Foundations for Positive Progress

When it comes to functional fitness, we all have our goals. Whether it’s qualifying for The Games or being able to lift your grandkids up to put the star on the Christmas tree (yes, we all saw that advert, and no – you’re crying!) having your goals is vital for monitoring progress.
But what if your progress has stopped in its tracks? You’re still training, you’re not sinking takeaways every evening - so what’s happened?
Sometimes, stripping your routine and your programme back and building on the basics again can have an incredible impact – and with gyms being closed it’s the perfect opportunity to do just this.
These 5 simple foundations will help you re-build, kick-start your progress and put your training mojo right back where it belongs:
1. Consistency is key
Eat. Train. Sleep. REPEAT.
Whilst it’s not always this simple, the basic principle applies:
  • Train consistently – whether it’s first thing in the morning, after a long day of work or at lunch time – whatever formula suits your routine best, find your balance and stick with it. Life will always find ways of throwing in hurdles – it’s those that accept this and overcome them that will find they progress quicker. 
  • Nail your nutrition – successful training and balanced nutrition go hand-in-hand. The best way to enhance the results of a dedicated training programme is to compliment it with an appropriate diet. This doesn’t mean cutting food groups out or starving yourself – it means focusing on your goals and creating a healthy, balanced diet that helps you achieve them. 
  • Sleep – there may well be genuine barriers to getting a full night’s sleep, such as small children or hectic schedules, but there are still steps that can be taken to improve your sleep – such as digital detoxes before bed, a sensible bed time and a look at your caffeine intake.

2. Mobility
You may be maintaining your training consistency 100%, but if you’re not paying attention to your mobility, the chances are that a large proportion of the work you’re doing could well be doing more harm than good.
Spending the time really focusing on your mobility will allow you to maximise each movement and improve your performance. At Elite Box HQ we recommend following SJB Pilates and Mobility for help with this.
Although stretching can be so easy to fob-off, spending just a little time each day working on your mobility will pay off both inside and outside the box.
3. Own your weaknesses and attack them
Avoiding certain movements because they’re not your favourites is a sure-fire way to stumble on your road to success.
Hate burpees? Yes, us too – but they’re a fundamental movement that, let’s face it, is just a necessary evil! Accepting the full range of movements and how each contributes to your success and tackling them head-on will improve your mindset and facilitate progress.
Another core block for success is foundation strength. Our motto of ‘Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!’ applies here – building on your foundation strength across core bodyweight movements such as squats and strict pull-ups will create the basis you need to master a greater range of movements as your training progresses. 
4. Recovery 
Want to capitalise on the benefits of your gruelling zoom sessions? Then let your body recover adequately. It’s too tempting, especially in lockdown where the days all blur into one, to not let our bodies recover. Rest days are vital to allow our muscles the time they need to recover and to protect ourselves from injury. 
5. Stop comparing
The beauty of functional fitness is its inclusivity. Every WOD is full of members of different abilities. Stop comparing yourself with others and focus on YOU – YOUR movements, YOUR consistency, YOUR recovery and YOUR strengths and weaknesses. Monitor your progress against your goals, not others’.
So, strip your routine back and start building on your foundations and keep the PBs rolling in!
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