The Elite Box Story

Elite Box was born out of a passion for CrossFit and the influence that it has had on my lifestyle and general outlook on life.

I had worked my way up through the ranks of a large corporate and years of allowing work to rule my life had left no time for a hobby and my mental wellbeing found itself consistently sat at the bottom of my priority list. 

Following a pivotal moment in my life, I started my CrossFit journey as an outlet and to improve my fitness along the way. But what I found was a better understanding of myself and what I am made of.

CrossFit has improved my fitness, educated me on the importance of nutrition, increased my self-confidence, taught me about methods of recovery and how to prioritise and take care of my mental health.

This whole experience has changed my life for the better - my passion to provide products and guidance that will help others on their journey is why Elite Box was founded.

The First Ever Elite Box - Revealed!

Wellbeing: the role of functional fitness in 2020

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