The First Ever Elite Box - Revealed!

Shipping from 1 December 2020, the first ever Elite Box is set to hit your doorstep with a bang!

Specially-curated for the Winter season, the launch Elite Box contains an array of incredible functional fitness brands, with each item having been tried and tested by the dedicated Elite Box team (and half of our local Box).

This Elite Box covers what we believe to be the core pillars of a balanced lifestyle: Training, Nutrition, Recovery & Wellness.

With over £100+ worth of kit, this box is designed to help you advance your fitness - delivering a range of quality, useable, creative and innovative products.

So, here it is - your launch Elite Box revealed:

  • The Born Primitive Unmatched Hoodie (RRP $65)

  • The RockTape RockBalls (RRP £13.99)

  • The Elite Box Bobble Hat (RRP £18) 

  • WOD Repair (RRP £14.95)

  • 2 x Tenaci Tape Easy Tear EAB Tape (RRP £3.82)

  • 5 x Cannonball Coffee Brew Bags (RRP £2)

  • Natural Nutrients Vegan Vanilla Protein (RRP £1.99)

But that's not all!

In addition to the above incredible line-up, you will also receive:

  • An exclusive 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL with The Athlete Program
  • A series of exclusive yoga sessions with Laura Clare
  • A series of technical skill progression guides from Sam Cowler
  • A nutrition e-book developed by Longevity Lifestyle 
  • A FREE phone consultation with Fi from Longevity Lifestyle

Last but not least, if you subscribe to Elite Box before 1 December 2020, you'll be in with a chance to receive an extra item in your first ever Elite Box!

The first 20 Elite Box subscribers will, in addition to the above, receive the JOBY GORILLAPOD MINI worth £14.95!

This versatile and portable mini GorillaPod tripod fits most iPhones, Androids and Windows phones and will make recording your WODs, checking your technique and creating that online content so much easier.

SUBSCRIBE TODAY and be in with your chance of grabbing this exclusive extra!

The Elite Box Story

Wellbeing: the role of functional fitness in 2020

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The highest quality functional fitness apparel, equipment, nutrition, recovery and wellness products – including at least 6 items in each box with a value of £85+ – delivered straight to your door every 3 months.


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