Wellbeing: the role of functional fitness in 2020

The perceived importance of looking after our mental wellbeing has seen a welcome growth in the public arena in recent years, but has been catapulted to the forefront of peoples’ minds in what has been, without doubt, one of the hardest years experienced by our generation – 2020.

Whilst we, globally, continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’, finding means of exercising our mental health within the parameters dictated to us by our Governments has been vital.

Here at Elite Box HQ, we have found that functional fitness has played a pivotal role in managing our mental, as well as of course physical, wellbeing.

It’s widely acknowledged that to exercise our mental health, we should be prioritising:

  • Connection
  • Personal development
  • Sharing
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical activity

To help local communities continue to prioritise these factors, we have seen the fitness world step into a big pair of shoes in fostering the positive adoption of these habits. They’ve thrived throughout lockdowns – prioritising support, communication and connection to help us all navigate uncertain times. They’ve fulfilled multiple roles – fitness support, life guidance, therapists, emotional support – to name only a few – adapting incredibly to adopt online platforms to deliver, an almost heightened, sense of belonging whilst communicating the importance of maintaining physical health.   

As normality resumes (hopefully), it’s important not to forget the incredible role played by global, national and local fitness bodies in supporting the wider community in practising self-care.

The functional fitness world delivers so much more than simply exercise – it provides:

  1. A sense of belonging – community, support, connection – your CrossFit Box, bootcamp or local gym are full of like-minded individuals motivating you and cheering you on – lifting you up on your tougher days, as you do the same for them (fist pumps and high fives for days – when Covid’s done one!)
  2. Confidence – the skills learned through functional fitness provide the sense of self-development needed to foster confidence in ourselves – leading to us implementing this confidence in all aspects of our lives and enjoying greater levels of positivity. 
  3. Increased mental robustness – WODs demand that we give everything we have got to succeed – and we mean EVERYTHING. In pushing ourselves to our limits, and beyond, we are creating mental robustness that will arm us with the toughness needed to attack everyday life with positivity and confidence – remember ‘Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re DONE’
  4. Nurturing motivation and gratification – you know that sense of gratification when you’ve smashed your PB? Yeah, that. That feeling will keep you motivated, and not just in the gym – it spills out into the rest of your life – giving you the motivation you need to smash life!

For us, CrossFit came into our lives at exactly the right time – the support, confidence and motivation it’s given us has helped us overcome personal and professional hurdles – giving us the skills and mindset we need to understand our strengths and our limits and harness these and grow.

How has fitness changed your life?

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