What's In The Box? The Spring Elite Box Revealed!

Shipping from 1 March 2021, the Spring Elite Box is set to hit your doorstep with a bang!

Specially-curated for the Spring season, this quarter's Elite Box contains an epic range of functional fitness products, with each item having been tried and tested by the dedicated Elite Box team (and half of our local Box).

This Elite Box covers what we believe to be the core pillars of a balanced lifestyle: Training, Nutrition, Recovery & Wellness.

Worth over £100, this box is designed to help you advance your fitness - delivering a range of quality, useable, creative and innovative products alongside a 7-part mobility series from SJB Pilates and Mobility, an 8-part pistol squat progression series from Sam Cowler, nutritional guidance from Longevity Lifestyle focusing on superfoods and antioxidants and a range of healthy, delicious recipes from OverPower.



RokFit Weak Grips Sink Ships T-Shirt
Grip strength is crucial, and in many walks of life. Hold onto that bar like the ship’s wheel, respect the barbell, and you will survive!
Super soft certified ‘HYPERFORMANCE’® 50/50 blend that breathes while working out.


RokFit Full Depth Tank
“It’s not the length of life, but the depth” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Super soft Tri-blend that breathes while working out - 50% polyester 38% combed and ring-spun cotton 12% rayon.

PicSil Sphinx Rope
The Sphinx Rope is perfect for new athletes, but also for the most experienced. With a 2mm cable it will help you feel the weight, controlling the turn but without overloading your forearms thanks to the 28g weight handle.

Shaker and Pre-workout Bundle
Combat Fuel shaker + 3 x sachets of strawberry & lime pre-workout. Potent, powerful, daily-use, military-safe pre-workout - specifically engineered for safety at the same time as packing a punch.

W.O.D Welder Callus Shaver
The w.o.d welder Callus Shaver is designed for people like fitness athletes, lifters & gymnasts who suffer from calluses built up from lifting, pulling, pushing. As any athlete can tell you, when you start to rip calluses, it can be painful no matter how tough you might be.

They’re safe, effective, easy-to-use and pain-free.

W.O.D Welder Muscle Rub

The w.o.d.welder Muscle Rub is formulated to intensely treat the sore, achy areas of your body. Upon application, you’ll feel a warming sensation, then a cooling, and ultimately the incredibly soothing feeling of your soreness going away.

Elite Box Coffee Tumbler
Elite Box travel coffee tumbler PLUS 1 x free Cannonball Coffee brew-bag. The Elite Box coffee tumbler is both lightweight and durable, the double wall design helps your drink stay hot or cold.

Do your bit for the environment with this re-usable cup! 

Limited Edition Nocco Miami Strawberry
Miami Strawberry is carbonated, sugar-free and low calorie with BCAAs (3000 mg), green tea extract, caffeine and vitamins. NOCCO Miami Strawberry is a tribute to the vibrant city that’s bursting with colour, life and energy.

Every new Elite Box subscriber will receive a voucher for one month's FREE full access to The Athlete Programme as well as £25 off the Combat Fuel Academy's Nutrition 101 course!


*Images are for illustrative purposes only and some products may vary

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The First Ever Elite Box - Revealed!

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