What will I get in my box?
Each box contains a minimum of 6 items including a selection of clothing, equipment, accessories, nutrition, recovery and wellness products – all designed to help you advance your fitness. Check out our partners on the home page to see who we work with and which brands you will likely see if your box. Each box is tailored depending on the time of year and will vary every 3 months. However, we will begin to sneak peek the items in each box circa 1 month prior to the new quarter. 
How much is it? 
Each box is £65 plus postage and packaging. Boxes are billed and delivered every 3 months.
Can I cancel anytime? 
Yes. You can cancel the subscription at any time as long as it is more than 30 days before your next renewal. Just login to your account and click "cancel" or e-mail [email protected] 
When can I order my box and when will my box be delivered? 
Outline of Elite Box seasonal boxes (yearly quarters) for your reference: 
Quarter 1 (Winter Box) = 1st December until 28th (or 29th) February 
Quarter 2 (Spring Box) = 1st March until 31st May
Quarter 3 (Summer Box) = 1st June until 31st August 
Quarter 4 (Autumn Box) = 1st September until 30th November
First time / new subscribers: 
Your first “Welcome Box” will be dispatched within 24 hours of successful payment being taken for your new subscription via Royal Mail and will be delivered to your door within 7 days from the date of dispatch. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your order is shipped.
On confirmation of your new subscription, you will receive access to your “members area” of the website, where you can log in and select the items you would like to receive in your next customisable Elite Box, which will be delivered in around 3 months’ time.
The items for your next box will have already been short-listed by the Elite Box team, so they are ready and waiting for you. 
After your first “Welcome Box” has been received following the above process, you will then automatically convert to the “Existing Subscriber” cycle below - meaning we will now deliver your next customised Elite Box to your door within the first two weeks of each new quarter (seasonal quarters are defined above).
If you subscribe to Elite Box in the final month of the quarter, your Welcome Box will be shipped to you as above, but, to save two payments being taken in quick succession, you will then skip the next quarter’s box and will receive your next box as priority, at the beginning of the following quarter. An example of this would be:
1.     Subscribe to Elite Box from 1st November to 30th November
2.     Receive your Welcome Box within 7 days of subscribing
3.     Next payment to be taken by Elite Box on 1st March
4.     Next, customised Elite Box to be received by 14th March
This above method ensures that you don’t pay for, and receive, two Elite Boxes within a very short timeframe so that you have the time to use and gain the most value out of your Elite Box.
PLEASE NOTE: The Elite Box “Welcome Box” is not customisable and is a standard box curated by the Elite Box team. 
Existing subscribers: 
On the first day of each new quarter, your payment will be automatically taken by Elite Box. 
Having already logged in to your “members area” of the Elite Box website when you received your last box in order to select your preferred items, your new customised Elite Box will be delivered to your door within the first two weeks of the new quarter via Royal Mail. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your box is shipped.
You now have 1 month (the first month of the new quarter) to log back in to your “members area” of the website to select the items for your next customisable Elite Box, which will be delivered in around 3 months’ time.
The items for your next box will have already been short-listed by the Elite Box team, so they are ready and waiting for you.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have not logged in to the members area to select your items by the end of the first month of the new quarter, we will pick the items that go in to your box for you. So, to avoid disappointment please make sure you select your items before the cut-off date. 
Can I buy Elite Box as a gift? 
Yes of course! Elite Box is the perfect gift for the functional fitness enthusiast in your life. When you subscribe on their behalf simply enter the recipient’s name and address and their details and we will deliver a box directly to them every 3 months.
Alternatively, for all of those special occasions throughout the year you can buy a one-off Elite Box as a gift box from our on-line shop on our website. 
What if something doesn’t fit? 
You will complete a full profile when you sign up to Elite Box and you can change this in your members area at any time so hopefully, we have everything covered. When we send out the options for selection we will provide the accurate sizing profile of each item of apparel so if you feel you would like a size different to that stated in your profile, please send us an email at [email protected] when you submit your selections and we will include the requested size in your box.
If you still find that something does not fit simply email us at [email protected] and we will arrange for you to return this to us and send out a replacement in a revised size. If we have run out of stock of a specific item, we will send you an alternative of the same value.
Where do you deliver? 
We currently offer Elite Box delivery to the UK and Ireland. If you are from a country outside of these then please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will try and arrange a special delivery for you.
Contact us
If you have any questions over and above the ones above, please contact us on the details below:

 Telephone: 07825 648242
 Email: [email protected]
Address: Elite Box, 91 The Street, Chelsworth, Suffolk, IP7 7HU
Last updated 18/07/2020